Haystack 2017 Keynote by Milan Milenkovic, IoTsense

Gave keynote at Haystack Connect 2017 biennial conference in Tampa, FL on May 9. (First keynote speaker at two Haystack conferences in a row.)  Title “IoT Semantic Interoperability and Project Haystack: Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship”.

Haystack 2017 Keynote

The primary intent was to promote a call to action to Haystack community to participate in defining cross-standards interoperable data formats in collaboration with other standards bodies.  Key topics covered:

  • What is semantic interoperability and why it is important?
  • Overview and positioning of standards that include sensor data and meta-data models
  • Conjecture that it is no longer likely for a dominant standard to emerge, so go for interoperability
  • Interoperability POC as a feasibility proof
  • Next steps – technical and standards collaboration

Judging by a number of side conversations with participants, audience reception was very favorable. Haystack principals expressed additional interest and support in a private meeting, we plan to follow up with other standards. Link to presentation.

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