IoT Data Interoperability Demo at IOTSWC 2016, Oct 25-27, Barcelona


We are having IoT data interoperability demo to show feasibility of real-time translation of sensor data from different standards into a common format to be consumed by cloud services. The purpose is to enable useful aggregations of large IoT data sets that portable services – such as analytics and ML – can operate on.

Assuming that no single standard for IoT sensor data format will emerge to rule them all, we are focusing on the next best thing – data interoperability across IoT standards and domains. The demo consists of three gateways collecting data from three sets of sensors measuring the same set of physical phenomena but encoded in three different standards – IPSO, OCF, and Haystack – converted to a common, interoperable format. Come see us at Intel booth at IOTSWC in Barcelona, Oct 25-27, 2016.

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